2021, Oct 19

2021, Octubre 19

The Londoner

­čÄíAll aboard The Londoner Express!

This year, Girraphic had the privilege of collaborating with Artists In Motion, with the aim of creating a London inspired city for a life-sized double-decker art installation! ­čÜž
For weeks, we completely immersed ourselves in London’s architecture, studying the city’s intriguing geometry and designing intricate ornaments that give the city its iconic look.

A custom time-of-day controller handles not just the street lights, but also all the buses lights, headlights, building windows, street signages as well as phone booth interior lights. The rendering process was no small feat ÔÇô we produced 3 times of day across 18 different cameras and setups ÔÇô averaging 30,000 frames every render.

Londoner Night 7