2021, Oct 14

2021, October 14

Let’s Get Cheesy w/ Cheez-It.


This one’s a touchdown! 🏈

Girraphic partnered up with ESPN to create a virtual hall of Cheez for CheezIt’s #MVCheezContest as a monument to College Football fandom and we are thrilled to finally be able to share the exceptional work from our team!

Our initial brief was to create a modest space as a virtual set. The team at Girraphic took the idea on board and turned it up to eleven. The museum journey starts from a modern contemporary exhibition featuring a large floor to ceiling LED display with perpetual raining CheezIts as well as timeless CheezIt boxes encased in glass.

UnrealEngine was used for all of the particle simulations featuring raytraced collision as well as a highly detailed version of the CheezIt cracker and used in-engine Niagara simulations for the media wall content to help iterate with different looks and behaviour quickly. The team meticulously extracted ornate details & characteristics of the CheezIt cracker and infused them into the architecture geometry and design, from its ribbed edges to form the ceiling cornice, to its outline shape creating a distinct extension of its brand into the space.

Slightly into the next section, the internal design team had devised a visual language to represent the highly celebrated college football ritual, “The CheezIt bath” captured frozen in time and encased behind glass, coupled with Tailgating party elements – flanking the main CheezIt cracker centrepiece.

Finally, a custom made CheezIt superhero sculpture awaits within the atrium space. Every season, CheezIt will pick one social media winner, the one and only #MVCheez – immortalizing them into a CheezIt statue within the Hall of Cheez.

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Check out the full project reel HERE!