2021, Dec 9

2021, December 9

Teletón 2021 Chile

Girraphic Teleton Chile Teleton3

We are proud to have once again participated in this years Teletón, a 27-hour long telethon that raises funds to provide treatment for children with disabilities. It was established in 1978 and continues to take place every year, raising funds for the construction and maintenance of the Children’s Rehabilitation Institutes (IRI).

In 2018 GIRRAPHIC worked with Teletón in the production of graphics for the Video Wall and moderation of Social Media networks and by 2020 the production of the event asked GIRRAPHIC to provide the entire VizRT graphic system and its complete branding portfolio.

An unprecedented event marked Teletón 2020 and it had to be carried out in an almost 100% interactive way to overlap with the pandemic caused by COVID-19. Our staff was there and worked with the same professionalism and dedication that characterizes each one of GIRRAPHIC productions.

This year we were lucky to be able to go back to its traditions and broadcast with a live audience. Our team of designers, technicians and operators assisted for more than 30 hours straight.

We were able to contribute to the #branding of the event, technical systems and social media implementation through the Digital Table.

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