2021, Oct 17

2021, October 17

VNCCII: Entering the metaverse

VNCCII Cover 2

Meet VNCCII, a multidisciplinary futurist story creator, electronic music producer/rapper/singer-songwriter/DJ/visual artist that has crafted a strong authentic vision and fresh sound palette.

This creative and innovative metahuman is paving the way for future a.i. artists who want to completely revolutionise the music industry and the virtual world. Sami Tauber and her metahuman VNCCII entrusted us with the task of creating a virtual environment for her new music video. A digital landscape and performance space, gliding through space and time.

… And what can we say? There’s was no way we were missing out on such a sick opportunity. Have a look at these killer shots! 👇👇👇👇

VNCCII has also started her own Vodcast V-Tuber show – “FUTURE HUMANS 3.0”. In the show, she discusses the possible future of the metaverse and virtual worlds. She also interviews kings and queens of the metaverse, such as Cathy Hackl and Matt Workman aka CitizenMetaOne, getting their take on possible changes to the technological world around us.

The project is powered by a Rokoko suit streaming data live into Unreal Engine 4. It runs over NDI allowing it to not only be used in Live Streams but also in interviews and conference calls. It’s entirely real-time and controlled by a custom OSC based app to allow it to be operated by VNCCII without having to interact with the engine itself.