Crust Pizza Commercial 2021

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Crust Pizza’s sponsorship grid in this year’s Supercars Eseries is our first client project made entirely in CG and real-time rendered at 4K resolution with Unreal Engine 5. 

We wanted to push the boundary with this project and move away from traditional prerender by compositing workflow to real-time production environment. 

We used the latest Unreal Engine technology like LUMEN real-time global illumination and Nanite static meshes to set dress the environment. This allowed us to have creative conversations about the visual while having access to the complete scene elements and lighting in front of us, blurring the line between pre, production and post stages of the project. 

The new control rig tool also played a huge part in animation as we could control the pizza box independently and create different sequences within the engine. This allowed us to experiment and iterate animation and camera work quickly during production. The final piece in the process is rendering, which took no time at all compared to traditional ways, what you see on the screen during production is the final product you get without having to wait the whole night for rendering.