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Professional and ethical journalism matters now more than ever.  And being properly informed is vital to democracy. On the Spectrum News Challenge, two teams of high school students from across the United States test their knowledge of what’s actually taking place in the varying forms of news they consume. Competing head to head to see what team knows more about current events, the winning team will grab the grand prize and the title of Spectrum News Challenge Champion. This groundbreaking show will be hosted by the articulate, well researched, informed and professional host, Mr. Lee Adams. ????

“We are so excited and privileged to be a part of this creative undertaking with Spectrum News and we are looking forward to educating and engaging the next generation of young, influential minds. We offer so many thanks to the amazing team at Spectrum News their visionary production and their internal creative teams. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the endeavour to build a better platform for our youth to engage in their surrounding world and the massive amounts of information they must consume and decipher. This has been such an honor and so much fun.”

-Nate Marsh, Co-Founder/Creative Director Girraphic Group