2021, Oct 20

2021, October 20

TVNZ: Extended Reality (XR)

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XR covers the full spectrum of real-world and virtual environments. It entails the use of a cinema-quality camera paired with the use of LED screens, utilizing complex server & network systems to extend the set of the virtual world beyond the pixels of the LED screen. This process also includes AR elements to be integrated seamlessly into the shot.

tvnz 1 1

Our Unreal team at Girraphic was asked to design a virtual integration for TVNZ for their Tokyo 2020 Olympics coverage. The set consisted of a pre-existing physical counter with LED panels, we took those elements and built a virtual Tokyo inspired world around it. We used a tracking system to capture the negative space and integrated the enhanced visuals.

tvnz 2

Here we see the incoming integrated visuals on the left and the background space from the studio which our tracking system picks up.

tvnz 3

Studio integration in full effect.

With XR production, a live set can be extended out with realistic or fantastical graphics. A virtual set can appear physically larger, creating a space that would be difficult or impossible to create in reality, and can easily be used to incorporate augmented reality graphics as well.

Key information can be presented to the audience without needing to cut away from your talent to show a full-screen graphic, providing more interactivity, smoother flow and a more immersive viewing experience.


AR Graphics – Provided by TVNZ

Check out the project reel HERE!