What We Do

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Creative Services

We offer a wide range of branding and design services. Our dynamic team comprises over 40 senior creatives and art directors, spanning the globe across a multitude of countries. By combining our creative perspective and skillset, we are able to bring our clients’ ideas to life with the execution of new branding and design strategies.

News, Sports & Live
Broadcast Solutions

We provide tailored solutions that are scaled to our clients’ requirements. Whether you’re a journalist or producer in need of newsroom-based solutions, or you’re delving into the intricacies of sports broadcasting and data-driven technologies, we are able to cater to all your needs.

Insert Package Design

Here at Girraphic, we elevate your creative journey from inception to execution, offering top-tier service across design, animation, management, and implementation. Committed to realising our clients’ visions to the highest standards, our unparalleled attention to detail shines through both the creative and technical facets of our work.

Navigating the vast possibilities in project creation can be overwhelming. We specialise in providing not just a service, but a clear vision, realisation, and direction for your concept. Whether offering fresh perspectives and innovative ideas, breathing life into your concepts, or collaborating with your preferred partners, we are dedicated to crafting the perfect graphics package tailored to your needs. Whatever it takes, we’re here to transform your ideas into vibrant reality.

News Builds, Pilot Integration & Consults

Specialising in the intricacies of the newsroom, We stand as an expert in delivering producer, operator, or talent-driven graphics. Our solutions are meticulously crafted to enable consistent operations in control rooms of any size, ensuring a 24/7 workflow without a hitch. Whether you’re looking for recommendations for new build-outs or seeking optimisation within your existing infrastructure, we are dedicated to creating the optimal scenario for all your news stories.


When it comes to graphics, a network’s ticker takes center stage in terms of air-time. A well-utilised ticker becomes the audience’s reliable source for breaking news, live scoring updates, or election information. We understand the intricacies of ticker creation, making us your trusted partner for flawless and impactful ticker content delivery. Rely on our experienced team to elevate your on-screen presence and captivate your audience with precision-crafted tickers.

Libero Packages

Collaborating with Viz Libero, we leverage cutting-edge tools to construct a bespoke analysis package tailored to complement any existing production. Our meticulously crafted packages enable the most in-depth analysis of any sport, enhancing broadcast quality and offering fans a deeper insight into the games they passionately follow. With a keen focus on customisation, We apply our expertise to build a tailored analysis package, incorporating the specific statistics and player profiles essential for the nuances of each sport. Elevate your broadcast experience with our skillful integration of technology and creativity.

Gamebreak Sports Analysis Tool

Utilising Unreal Engine, we have created a whole new way of analysing sports broadcasts. The Sports Analysis Tool utilises Unreal’s replication system to create a multi-user sports analysis experience. Allowing actions and events to be synchronised together creates the ability for multiple talents, producers, or presenters to interact with the same play, regardless of their location.

Touch Screen

This mode compares to your classic X’s and O’s analysis, allowing you to control player movement and position with a touch. There are a multitude of tools available to assist in breaking down plays, allowing your on-air talent to explain a complex play to audiences.

Augmented Reality

Immerse your audience in the analysis with the Augmented Players feature. Matching the likeness of the players on the field, viewers can see these 3D pieces moving along with the touchscreen analysis.

Extended Reality

Go beyond the status quo and fully immerse your talent and audience alike by dropping your analyst into the stadium, or anywhere else you can imagine. Your talent can break down plays while they’re in the middle of the action giving your broadcast a high end and technologically impressive experience.

Video Game Mode

Never have camera-angle remorse again with video game mode. Producers, editors and talent can recreate any play and show it at any angle in the Video Game Mode. The space is fully 3D, and can take cues from the talent’s analysis from any angle imaginable.

Custom Applications

We cater to all your graphic needs, ranging from straightforward templates to fully integrated data-driven graphic packages. Our versatile applications ensure seamless usage for everyone, facilitating simultaneous work by multiple operators with precision and error-free execution. With our custom workflows, we consistently deliver a comprehensive solution that aligns perfectly with your broadcast requirements.

Augmented Virtual
Graphic Packages

We are a one-stop-shop for all things Augmented Graphics. From the design process to the on-site implementation, we can provide stunning visuals and high-end camera tracking to wow audiences. We specialise in data-driven augmented graphics as well as fully immersive augmented experiences. We also provide the necessary hardware to achieve your wildest augmented dreams – from render engines to camera tracking solutions, you won’t need to lift a finger.

Augmented Reality Graphics

Enhance your audience experience by keeping them in the arena with Augmented Graphics. We can integrate cutting-edge camera tracking technologies into your production, providing a heightened look and feel to your broadcast. The possibilities are endless when it comes to augmented reality graphics – whether you’re looking for a new way to display data, a full takeover for a sponsor, or even new ways to drive fan engagement, we have you covered. With industry-leading technology and creative prowess, we set the standard for delivering unparalleled visual experiences.

Virtual Advertising

By harnessing a suite of virtual tracking solutions, we pioneer innovative approaches for clients to seamlessly integrate graphic advertising into their live events. Our methods eliminate the need for costly and cumbersome physical signage at venues or arenas. Our virtual signage creation techniques enable multi-region sponsorship with distinct advertising tailored for different markets. We empower you to transform live events into dynamic platforms for advertising integration, effortlessly enhancing brand visibility and engagement.


In 2017, we unveiled the G-CAM to the tennis world, deploying three specialised virtual cameras suspended from the main arenas at the Australian Open. The G-CAM, a Stype-powered robotic camera, revolutionised broadcasting by enabling the remote operation of tracked virtual augmented graphics. The G-CAM’s functionality is not contingent on permanent mounting, showcasing its adaptability. Its footprint extends beyond tennis, with integrations in major event coverage such as the Supercars Championship season and many others. We continue to push the boundaries of technology, making the G-CAM an integral component in redefining the landscape of sports broadcasting.

Virtual Sets, Touchscreen
& Video Wall Packages

Sometimes, building a physical studio set may be impractical due to space constraints or tight deadlines. However, at Girraphic, we transcend these limitations by crafting the set of your dreams and bringing it to life within a virtual studio. Interactive Touchscreens allow your talent to interact with data, maps, and analytics – taking your broadcast a step further than the traditional insert graphics. We combine innovation and creativity to integrate virtual sets and interactive touchscreens, ensuring your production reaches unprecedented levels of engagement and visual excellence.

Virtual Set Design

Give your production team the ultimate flexibility by creating the virtual set space of their dreams. We provide full-service virtual set creation, from signal flow and technical recommendations to the design of your set. Your set is an extension of your brand, and a virtual set allows you the freedom to change your brand and image without going through a long and arduous construction process. Whether you aim to maintain an existing look and feel or desire a fresh, innovative approach, we are dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Through meticulous design and collaboration, we ensure that your studio set not only meets but exceeds your expectations, delivering the best possible results for your brand.

Video Wall Packages

If you aren’t ready to go fully virtual, in-studio video walls are a phenomenal way to differentiate between shows via creative branding. Introduce versatility and dynamism into your broadcast, and transform your space with the click of a button with in-studio video wall packages. We can create dynamic and visually stunning elements for your various branding or create an entirely new brand for your studio. Our video wall workflows can integrate effortlessly into your existing studio workflows, allowing operators to change backgrounds on the fly while still firing their usual insert graphics.

Interactive Touchscreens

Interactive Touchscreens elevate broadcasts to new heights through deeper analysis and commentary. Touchscreens offer a unique opportunity to boost interactivity between presenters and viewers. We excel in integrating touch screens into existing packages, enhancing the interactivity of your content. When paired with camera tracking technologies, your touchscreen can begin to control augmented reality elements, bringing the interactive experience of your broadcast to a whole new level.

Rental & Technical Services

We take pride in leading the charge in emerging graphic technologies. Globally, we have hundreds of graphic engines to suit all of your broadcast’s needs. These engines can be custom-tailored to work in any truck or control room and range from standard insert engines to full virtual production-ready systems. Our expertise and rental offering extend to various specialty solutions, including systems such as MoSys, Stype, VizRT, Unreal Engine, and more. We prioritise staying ahead of the curve to ensure your broadcasts benefit from the latest and most innovative graphic technologies available. Trust us to elevate your production with tailored solutions and industry-leading capabilities.

Consulting, Training & Support

We prioritise ensuring that our staff is well-equipped to provide comprehensive solutions, support, and training across a variety of technologies. Whether you’re seeking recommendations for your new studio build or looking for a company to train your team on existing systems, we have you covered. Our expertise extends to consulting on new studio builds, supporting all engine and tracking systems, and training staff in various capacities, including artists, operators, and technicians. 

The variety and consistency of our technical services combined with our creative prowess position us as a one-stop-shop for all your broadcast graphics needs. Trust us to not only meet but exceed your expectations in delivering innovative solutions, reliable support, and effective training across the spectrum of broadcast technologies.

Social Media

We offer comprehensive social media integration for your production, seamlessly weaving community engagement throughout various elements, from lower-third graphics to augmented reality packages. The flexibility in utilising social media data allows us to tailor a solution specifically for your brand. Our experience extends to building packages for video walls, LED screens, and existing news and sports tickers. 

Empowering you with the ability to moderate content, we ensure your message stays on-brand throughout the production. This dynamic approach to social media integration enhances audience interaction, fosters community engagement, and elevates the overall impact of your broadcast. Trust us to create a tailored solution that aligns with your brand identity and production goals.