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ESPN Around The Horn 2019

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ESPN’s Around the Horn is well-known for its lively, rapid-fire pace. In creating the new virtual set and augmented reality graphics package, Girraphic devised the “Virtual Window” concept designed to complement that style.

Girraphic incorporated the initial concept, iconography and opening animation into their real-time Depth Monitor build, Augmented build, Insert graphics build and customisable Touchscreen application to control it all. It was a total team effort funnelled through the creative
service department at ESPN.

Using multiple virtual depth monitors, the Virtual Window creates a virtual set with a major advantage – the host can see it, allowing them to react and adjust in real-time.

Girraphic also created a touch screen interface, allowing talent to control all AR activations and score-keeping, creating an unprecedented level of ease and flexibility. It’s augmented reality that never gets in the way and creating only enhancements, at the simple press of a button.


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