2022, Mar 21

2022, March 21

ACE Boxing: DIB vs NG

It was a full house this weekend at The Star Gold Coast for a massive night of fights hosted by ACE Boxing. DIB vs NG stole the night with an intense fight. The two Aussie fighters battled it out for the Lightweight Championship Titles, with DIB emerging victorious and NG disqualified for a foul throw. ????

A massive thanks to Ace Boxing Group for the opportunity to freshen up their graphics and be a part of such an exciting sport!

#ACEBoxing #DIBvsNG #Championship

Peyton 12

2022, Mar 14

2022, March 14


Our friends at Fox Sports trusted the expertise at Girraphic when it came to updating their 2022 brand designs for the start of #NASCAR and another head-turning season on #RaceHub.

2022, Feb 7

2022, February 7


What a spectacular start to the year! With Australian Open leading the way in broadcast graphics!

What a sensational few weeks it was! Tennis Australia outdid themselves and pulled off another marvellous year of the Australian Open.????

A massive thank you to everyone who gave 100% of their dedication and hard work to ensure the success of this impressive event and a big shout out to our UK massive Girraphic team for making their way down to Melbourne and lending a hand broadcasting the event to the world.


RAFAEL NADAL 2-6, 6-7 (5-7), 6-4, 6-4, 7-5



BLOG 09 1

2022, Jan 19

2022, January 19


We are prepped and ready to go for this years Australian Open!

Needless to say, we are thrilled to once again be a part of this spectacular and prestigious event. Such an amazing way to start the New Year!

Our teams of designers and broadcast technicians constructed the entire AO graphics package and developed a complete rebranding for the Australian Open coverage.

Virtuals1 1

2021, Dec 13

2021, December 13

Presidential Elections 2021

The first round of the Chilean Presidential Elections is done and dusted! Alongside the incredible teams at Canal 13 and Secuoya Chile, we broadcasted ‘Tu Decides 2021’ with the latest in Virtual Environments, Augmented & Real-Time Graphics.

A big thanks to all involved in this project, can’t wait to see what we do with the final round.

SM 138

2021, Dec 9

2021, December 9

Teletón 2021 Chile

We are proud to have once again participated in this years Teletón, a 27-hour long telethon that raises funds to provide treatment for children with disabilities. It was established in 1978 and continues to take place every year, raising funds for the construction and maintenance of the Children’s Rehabilitation Institutes (IRI).

In 2018 GIRRAPHIC worked with Teletón in the production of graphics for the Video Wall and moderation of Social Media networks and by 2020 the production of the event asked GIRRAPHIC to provide the entire VizRT graphic system and its complete branding portfolio.

An unprecedented event marked Teletón 2020 and it had to be carried out in an almost 100% interactive way to overlap with the pandemic caused by COVID-19. Our staff was there and worked with the same professionalism and dedication that characterizes each one of GIRRAPHIC productions.

This year we were lucky to be able to go back to its traditions and broadcast with a live audience. Our team of designers, technicians and operators assisted for more than 30 hours straight.

We were able to contribute to the #branding of the event, technical systems and social media implementation through the Digital Table.

SM 123 1
SM 129

2021, Nov 19

2021, November 19


Early in 2016 Girraphic won a large tender process to facilitate the production of the NBA coverage for the Chinese broadcaster Tencent.

This project entailed the branding, design, build, data integration & programming of all graphic elements across the entire production. Girraphic programmers harnessed the NBA Stats feed and wrote a custom application to allow control from directly inside the VizRT Trio Interface for the main in-show online package. This allowed a single interface for operators to control both data-driven and manual templates for the broadcast from a single interface. From this custom interface, the operators were able to control assets for all in show elements including, Supers, FF’s, OTS, Custom Tickers and Ribbon Boards. Since the successful execution of the 2016 project, Girraphic facilitated the ongoing yearly rebrand, application maintenance and VizRT graphics build for the 2017, 2018 and 2019 NBA seasons.

SM 17
SM 09
SM 01

2021, Nov 14

2021, November 14

Virtual Awards Night

This year we had the opportunity to help Ray White host their 2021 Annual Awards Night Gala. We created a 3D virtual Gala Hall, complete with virtual screens live streaming Ray White teams throughout NSW.

2021, Nov 11

2021, November 11

Adding Textures

When creating #cinematic videos, our team spends hours creating photorealistic surfaces for a life-like effect. They do this by creating intricate details and #textures, manipulating #lighting and shadows, analysing organic movement and even adding light refractions to water surfaces. ????????????️

2021, Nov 10

2021, November 10

Light Environment

Check out the beauty of virtual production! With a green screen and real-time graphic integration, we’re able to apply any lighting settings to any virtual environment, offering an incredibly dynamic set with instant post-production quality results.

2021, Nov 2

2021, November 2

Spectrum News Challenge!

???? We at Girraphic in partnership with our friends at Spectrum News are very excited to announce the air dates for the original pilot episodes of the Spectrum News Challenge. ✨

Professional and ethical journalism matters now more than ever.  And being properly informed is vital to democracy. On the Spectrum News Challenge, two teams of high school students from across the United States test their knowledge of what’s actually taking place in the varying forms of news they consume. Competing head to head to see what team knows more about current events, the winning team will grab the grand prize and the title of Spectrum News Challenge Champion. This groundbreaking show will be hosted by the articulate, well researched, informed and professional host, Mr. Lee Adams. ????

“We are so excited and privileged to be a part of this creative undertaking with Spectrum News and we are looking forward to educating and engaging the next generation of young, influential minds. We offer so many thanks to the amazing team at SN and their visionary production and creative teams for allowing us to be a part of this endeavour to build a better platform for our youth to engage in their surrounding world and the massive amounts of information they must consume and decipher. This has been such an honor and so much fun.”

-Nate Marsh, Co-Founder/Creative Director Girraphic Group

????This fantastically fun and engaging new educational show format can be found on the following channels on the following dates:

2021, Nov 1

2021, November 1


Check out these epic automobile renders from the Girraphic crew!


2021, Oct 29

2021, October 29

Holographic Cadillac

We wanted to present a detailed holographic effect that wasn’t simply a transparent material slapped on.

With the aid of the curvature material functions, the edges became more pronounced. Along with the additions of falloff distance, gradients and custom masks working together we were able to create a highly detailed hologram effect.

The system was created by a combination of actor bounds and curvature material functions. Controlling the actor bounds allowed us to create an actor which the material listened to, and based on its proximity it the car we could control which sections we wanted to show.

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2021, Oct 26

2021, October 26

Virtual Production Vocabulary


XR covers the full spectrum of real-world and virtual environments. It entails the use of a cinema-quality camera paired with the use of LED screens, utilizing complex server & network systems to extend the set of the virtual world beyond the pixels of the LED screen. This process also includes AR elements to be integrated seamlessly into the shot.


VR is built on applications that use headsets to fully immerse the user into a computer-simulated reality. These headsets generate realistic sounds and images that engage the senses to create an interactive virtual world.


AR is not a new reality, but a layer on top of your existing one. Rather than immersing users, AR relies on a device to accurately track camera data, for the ability to integrate non-existent or abstract elements into the camera shot, while adding dynamic overlay digital graphics into a real-world environment.


MR stands somewhere between VR and AR. It blends real and virtual worlds to create complex environments where physical and digital elements can interact in real-time. Like AR, it overlays synthetic content in a real-world environment, and like VR, this content is interactive and uses can manipulate the digital objects in their physical space.

2021, Oct 26

2021, October 26


A picture is worth a thousand words, what about an unlimited number of pictures?

The best way to conceptualise a vision for the future is to visualize it. Creating an immersive experience with architectural visualization allows your audience to walk through the futuristic corridor of your next building, putting them in the best seat of your next project.

“Art is all in the details”

Architectural detailing is what makes all the difference, it can take your design from a simple digital representation to an ultra-realistic XR experience, merging the lines between reality and technology, giving you the complete look and feel of your live set before starting production.

Victorian Architecture

Classic Wooden Ornaments

Distinctive Textures

Reflective Surfaces

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2021, Oct 20

2021, October 20

TVNZ: Extended Reality (XR)

XR covers the full spectrum of real-world and virtual environments. It entails the use of a cinema-quality camera paired with the use of LED screens, utilizing complex server & network systems to extend the set of the virtual world beyond the pixels of the LED screen. This process also includes AR elements to be integrated seamlessly into the shot.

tvnz 1 1

Our Unreal team at Girraphic was asked to design a virtual integration for TVNZ for their Tokyo 2020 Olympics coverage. The set consisted of a pre-existing physical counter with LED panels, we took those elements and built a virtual Tokyo inspired world around it. We used a tracking system to capture the negative space and integrated the enhanced visuals.

tvnz 2

Here we see the incoming integrated visuals on the left and the background space from the studio which our tracking system picks up.

tvnz 3

Studio integration in full effect.

With XR production, a live set can be extended out with realistic or fantastical graphics. A virtual set can appear physically larger, creating a space that would be difficult or impossible to create in reality, and can easily be used to incorporate augmented reality graphics as well.

Key information can be presented to the audience without needing to cut away from your talent to show a full-screen graphic, providing more interactivity, smoother flow and a more immersive viewing experience.


AR Graphics – Provided by TVNZ

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2021, Oct 19

2021, October 19

The Londoner

????All aboard The Londoner Express!

This year, Girraphic had the privilege of collaborating with Artists In Motion, with the aim of creating a London inspired city for a life-sized double-decker art installation! ????
For weeks, we completely immersed ourselves in London’s architecture, studying the city’s intriguing geometry and designing intricate ornaments that give the city its iconic look.

A custom time-of-day controller handles not just the street lights, but also all the buses lights, headlights, building windows, street signages as well as phone booth interior lights. The rendering process was no small feat – we produced 3 times of day across 18 different cameras and setups – averaging 30,000 frames every render.

Londoner Night 7

2021, Oct 18

2021, October 18

DENVER BRONCOS: Our Cinematic Adventure

Girraphic x Denver Broncos

The Girraphic team have been hard at work, creating some amazing full-cg environments using Unreal Engine to produce an absolutely killer hype video for this season’s opening game for the DenverBroncos. 

We set out to create fierce and tenacious visuals that perfectly epitomize the fighting spirit and power of the Denver Broncos.  As we navigate through the mountains, we hear players working out with chains and the echoes of fans chanting through the forest, a force preparing for battle, awakening the Broncos horse. 

Broncos Works Images 1

Our Unreal Engine team took the content creation pipeline to new heights, embracing heavy use of physics simulation for chains and debris fx, as well as the use of Niagara fx where possible. We were pleasantly surprised by how much geometry we could throw into the physics simulation to achieve some of the chains and debris shots. 

With the help of marketplace and megascans, we were able to quickly build multiple unique worlds required in a timely manner. We spent our efforts on visual effects and lookdev. The environment build was quite a breeze with the new landmass tools. We also took this opportunity to try out the experimental Landmass simulation tools, using the bp to carve the heights of the terrain and also generate flow maps. 

The trickier part of this project was trying to achieve slow-mo shots that involve physics, particles and general animation. We experimented with a mix of different techniques, from using Take recorder, global time dilation, recording high fps as well as using a combination of those. The Niagara physics did not seem to scale linearly to global time dilation, and in extreme cases became unusable. The solution we found to work best in most cases was to simply render at an extremely high frame rate, however, this took trial and error as it takes some imagination to work out the slowed down effects in post-production. 

Eventually, we found the perfect balance and created a hype video that slowly builds in power, force and fierceness. 

Check out the full reel HERE.

2021, Oct 17

2021, October 17

VNCCII: Entering the metaverse

Meet VNCCII, a multidisciplinary futurist story creator, electronic music producer/rapper/singer-songwriter/DJ/visual artist that has crafted a strong authentic vision and fresh sound palette.

This creative and innovative metahuman is paving the way for future a.i. artists who want to completely revolutionise the music industry and the virtual world. Sami Tauber and her metahuman VNCCII entrusted us with the task of creating a virtual environment for her new music video. A digital landscape and performance space, gliding through space and time.

… And what can we say? There’s was no way we were missing out on such a sick opportunity. Have a look at these killer shots! ????????????????

VNCCII has also started her own Vodcast V-Tuber show – “FUTURE HUMANS 3.0”. In the show, she discusses the possible future of the metaverse and virtual worlds. She also interviews kings and queens of the metaverse, such as Cathy Hackl and Matt Workman aka CitizenMetaOne, getting their take on possible changes to the technological world around us.

The project is powered by a Rokoko suit streaming data live into Unreal Engine 4. It runs over NDI allowing it to not only be used in Live Streams but also in interviews and conference calls. It’s entirely real-time and controlled by a custom OSC based app to allow it to be operated by VNCCII without having to interact with the engine itself.

2021, Oct 14

2021, October 14

Let’s Get Cheesy w/ Cheez-It.


This one’s a touchdown! ????

Girraphic partnered up with ESPN to create a virtual hall of Cheez for CheezIt’s #MVCheezContest as a monument to College Football fandom and we are thrilled to finally be able to share the exceptional work from our team!

Our initial brief was to create a modest space as a virtual set. The team at Girraphic took the idea on board and turned it up to eleven. The museum journey starts from a modern contemporary exhibition featuring a large floor to ceiling LED display with perpetual raining CheezIts as well as timeless CheezIt boxes encased in glass.

UnrealEngine was used for all of the particle simulations featuring raytraced collision as well as a highly detailed version of the CheezIt cracker and used in-engine Niagara simulations for the media wall content to help iterate with different looks and behaviour quickly. The team meticulously extracted ornate details & characteristics of the CheezIt cracker and infused them into the architecture geometry and design, from its ribbed edges to form the ceiling cornice, to its outline shape creating a distinct extension of its brand into the space.

Slightly into the next section, the internal design team had devised a visual language to represent the highly celebrated college football ritual, “The CheezIt bath” captured frozen in time and encased behind glass, coupled with Tailgating party elements – flanking the main CheezIt cracker centrepiece.

Finally, a custom made CheezIt superhero sculpture awaits within the atrium space. Every season, CheezIt will pick one social media winner, the one and only #MVCheez – immortalizing them into a CheezIt statue within the Hall of Cheez.

Cheeze Blog

Check out the full project reel HERE!